I get a lot of questions about what equipment I use, especially on the Vlog – so here is my list and some videos of the gear in action.

Soprano Saxophone

Jazz Setup

Yanagisawa S992 00311xxx
Selmer S80 C** vintage Hard Rubber Mouthpiece
Rico 3.0 Strength Grand Concert Select Evolution Reeds for Bb Clarinet

Classical / Solo Setup

Yanagisawa S992 Curved Soprano
Absolute Metal Mouthpiece 7*
D’Addario Select Jazz 3H Soprano Saxophone Reeds

Alto Saxophone

Jazz Setup

Yanagisawa A991B
Aizen New York Hard Rubber Mouthpiece 8*
Rico Unfiled Soft 3 Strength Select Jazz Reed for Soprano Sax (Pack of 10)

Classical Setup

Yanagisawa A991B
Selmer Concept Mouthpiece
RICO Classic 3

Tenor Saxophone

Jazz Setup

Selmer Mark VI 67xxx  or Yanagisawa TWO20
Otto Link Vintage Tone Master circa 1963 8* (from July 2016) prior Vintage Otto Link Hard Rubber Slant Sig Link, refaced by Eric Drake at Saxology.
D’Addario Filed Hard 3 Strength Select Jazz Reed for Tenor Sax (Pack of 5)