Coronavirus Tips & Help for Sax Players

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We’re now into day 17 of the UK lockdown due to the Coronavirus and in one sense, I’ve never been busier…but it won’t last.

I’ve been looking after my children full-time as their Mum went down with the Virus just before the lockdown.  I moved house on Friday, 20th March so I’ve also been trying to setup home and I’ve bee trying to utilise my existing Skype Tuition and Patreon pages.

However, there’s no doubt that with no gigs now in the diary, struggles are ahead, but here’s how you can help.

Support My Patreon

Patreon is a great way to support creative artists for as little as $2 per month. I am offering video saxophone lessons, live performances, EXCLUSIVE ZOOM conferences and a daily ‘lockdown’ playlist. If I can get just 1000 supporters on Patreon I can then bring in other musicians (over video etc until Social Distancing is relaxed) and renew my ‘Duos with Dan’.

Book a Skype Sax Lesson

I’ve been teaching via Skype for ten years now and I am confident that I am well ahead of the curve on this.  For the student there isn’t an enormous difference from a ‘Face to Face’ lesson, but for the teacher, I need to be super organised and with enough technical knowledge to help you should we hit some tech issues.  Check out what my current students say by clicking here and book a no-obligation sax lesson with me today by clicking here.

Become a Platinum Member at Cambridge Saxophone

The award-winning Cambridge Saxophone website has over 400 award winning saxophone lessons, covering everything from putting the instrument together as a beginner, right through to working on the advanced harmonic concepts of John Coltrane.  With Platinum Membership, you get LIFETIME 24/7 365 days a year access to the site for just ONE PAYMENT! Sign up today. 

Buy Some Music

I’ve a few albums on Spotify and Apple Music, but the payment for these platforms is dire.  You can really help me out by purchasing via my BandCamp page here.



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