Dan Forshaw Jazz Trio
November 16, 2018
8:00 pm
When Polly Met Fergie

Join Dan Forshaw Jazz Trio for their debut gig at this new jazz venue in Peterborough.

Polly & Fergie, are of course our beautiful hound mascots and inspiration to our plant-based food and lifestyle movement.

The humans behind all the hound cuteness are Paula & Alaistar.

Some time ago, we decided a  lifestyle change was in order, and with it came a re-united passion for food, Alastair has always worked in kitchens including being London based at Aldo Zilli & Le Gavroche. 

With the help of social interaction and media, it’s becoming much easier to see the real effects of industrial farming and its impact on our planet. 

There is a huge shift in the younger generations attitude and relationship with food. Through our own experiences with being vegan, we struggle to find a spot to eat in at all times, and whilst we have good well-known brand restaurants starting to cater for the vegan movement, There is not enough inspiration, loud shouting and movement to save the planet through the power of our bellies.