SYOS Dan Forshaw Soprano Mouthpiece

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‘After hearing Branford’s solo on Sting’s Englishman in New York, I fell in love with the soprano saxophone, and I began playing a soprano sax at the age of 16.  In the previous 25 years, I’ve played hundreds of soprano pieces, and each one always had a trade-off between that ‘dark, core sound’ that I love and managing the intonation, (which is so difficult on a soprano). My Dan Forshaw SYOS signature mouthpiece has solved that problem.    The medium chamber has a well-rounded tone that performs well in jazz and classical music whilst also providing excellent tuning control. This is the best soprano mouthpiece I’ve ever played and I highly recommend it.’

Setup – Yanagisawa S992 Bronze

Mouthpiece – Dan Forshaw Signature Syos

Ligature – Syos

Reeds – D’Addario Select Jazz 3M filed

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